You Want To Help, Right...?
What If Helping Your Cause WIN...
Didn't Take You Any More Time...?
I remember the Exact Moment I realized...
That I wanted to help my cause WIN... 

But I didn't know HOW...

Or where I would find the TIME...
I Just Knew It Was So Important To Me...
In January 2017, I heard the Michigan President of the League Of Women Voters talk about gerrymandering in our state, and how it grossly distorted our representation... 

 I wanted to help end gerrymandering in Michigan, but I wasn’t sure how... 
Gerrymandering was so unfair - how did this happen in the first place..? 

None of my friends seemed interested in talking about it... or doing anything to fix it...

What could I do on my own to make any difference...?
Deep down inside, I also wanted to redeem myself... to make up for so many years of ignoring politics...
One moment changed it all
A few months later, I was at a music festival, and people with the campaign to end gerrymandering were asking for volunteers. 

I didn’t know the details about their ballot proposal and I’d never done circulating or canvassing before, but I signed up anyway!

They were offering training and I was ready!
Then Reality Hit...
I had no experience with this kind of thing...

I was juggling a lot of other commitments...  

I wasn’t sure how I could even fit in an hour a week to volunteer...

And I didn’t know anyone who wanted to do it with me...
I'm Lainey Frydrych
A few months earlier, I had created a chart for my advocacy business... to show the steps for getting involved in politics.
I took the same format, and I mapped out my personal commitments.

It showed me what level of involvement I was at with every activity.

it showed whether an activity was meeting one my self-care needs or not.

It showed me if something was energizing me or draining me.

I called it an Advocacy Chart, and started using it to prioritize my activities each day.
Can You Imagine What Life Would Be Like 
If You Could Easily Do It All?
I followed the Chart... 
It showed me to focus on self-care first, every day.

I adjusted my activities to better align with what was most important to me...
It helped me shift away from choices in my life that were draining.

I saw clearly where I was trying to do too much...
And which activities weren’t getting me the results I wanted.

A year And A Half Later, On election day 2018, at the results watch party...

everyone else talked about how drained they were from the campaign. 

Not me!  

By following my Advocacy Chart, I stayed energized throughout the campaign, while making a Huge contribution. 

I realized that using this Chart had made all the difference.  
that's why i'm so passionate about sharing my EZadvocacy chart package with you!!!
You'll Get A Private Chart Session, And Receive your own Chart, Screen Share Recording, Phone Support, Email Support, And self-care support.
Including 30 days Of Hands-On follow-up!
What's Included In This Offer...
60-Minute Advocacy Chart Session
It wasn't until I sat down and mapped out my life using the 5 Levels of Advocacy and the 8 Self-Care Categories that I could really see how I was prioritizing choices in my life.  This Session is all about YOU and your life!  
Editable Advocacy Chart
Your personal Chart is a reflection of your life, which changes over time.  You can update your custom Google Doc chart anytime you want, as your life unfolds.
Screen Share Video from Session
Don't you hate when you have a personal session with someone, and you forget all the nuggets of wisdom they shared with you?  You'll receive a video recording to refer back to anytime!
And, For A Limited Time Only, 
Three bonuses to really Insure Your Success!
BONUS #1:  
Four 15-Minute Check-In Calls...
Sometimes Email Just Isn't Enough 
People have the most questions in the first month after their Session.  An interactive phone call every week for the first month helps reinforce what we talked about during your Session. 
BONUS #2:  
30-Day Unlimited Email Support...
For Those Questions That Just Can't Wait 
Burning questions?  Not a problem!  Your answers are just an email away!
BONUS #3:  50-Week Self-Care Notepad...
Make Self-Care A Priority Every Day 
After I created my own Chart, I realized that I wasn't doing at least one thing for my self-care each day.  Modeled after a notepad I found in my Franklin Covey stuff (yeah, I still use a clunky monthly, I had a printing company create this custom Notepad.  Self-care will stay in the front of your mind every day, and it will become easier to take care of YOU!  You'll instantly receive a 2-week download while I mail you the 50-week Notepad.
Easily Start Living The Dream of Helping your cause WIN
I Only Have 10 Appointment Times Left 
For This Special 50% OFF Offer...
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30-Day 100% Satisfaction 
Money Back Guarantee
You Want To Help...Let's Make That Happen!
People ALWAYS tell me they wish they had mapped out their life on a Chart like this YEARS AGO...!

(Which would be impossible, since I hadn't even created it

Don't wait another day!

-Lainey Frydrych
Lainey, I'm Ready To Purchase! 
Yes! Lainey, I'm Ready To Purchase!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  •  60-Minute Advocacy Chart Session ($97 Value)
  •  Editable Advocacy Chart ($47 Value)
  •  Screen Share Video From Session ($57 Value)
  •  Four 15-Minute Check-In Calls ($97 Value)
  •  30-Day Unlimited Email Support ($197 Value)
  •  50-Week Self-Care Notepad ($27 Value)
Total Value: $522
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